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The light direction of a downlight is usually no

Release:2021/7/8  Views:208
The light direction of a downlight is usually not adjustable and can only be set in one direction

Intelligent lighting is not only a circuit, not only a light source, but also a concept of communication and system integration. The functionality of each component can be exercised at will, but the standards of intermediate media and interfaces must be standardized and integrated. Future innovation, therefore, involves not only product design, but also an important point of innovation: interface. Magneto lamps are usually used in three sizes, namely "engineered", "compact" and "miniature". Small and compact magnetic lamps are usually used for home decor, while commercial lighting usually takes over engineering. The choice depends on the height of the floor.

The magnetic lamp is currently available in black and white. Either style can be customized. Today's popular contracted style, magnetic absorption lamp is the best choice. There are many types of magnetic lampholders, and there is always one that suits your aesthetic. The magnetic magnet can also be equipped with an intelligent lighting system to achieve group Settings according to individual living habits, temperature adjustable, brightness adjustable, wireless control, energy saving management, scene simulation, etc., and create a separate lighting system. Magnetic lamp is a new type of combined track lighting. By embedding the guide rail in advance, no cumbersome tools are required in the subsequent stages. The lamp modules are directly nested and support a combination of linear and track lights. In the household, magnetic suction lamps and lanterns have the characteristics of simple and beautiful, especially the installation and debugging of flexible and convenient.

Spotlight: Used to produce atmospheric light, usually for focus or decorative lighting. Illuminated objects are mainly highlighted with small but strong light angles, such as TV walls, hanging pictures, display cabinets, etc., which can better express the color and texture of objects. Enhance the beauty and contrast of light and shade in the room. With the same power lamp, the larger the beam Angle, the smaller the central light intensity, the softer the spot. On the contrary, the smaller the radiation Angle, the greater the intensity of the central light, the harder the ejection point. The direction of the light source is usually not adjustable and can only be set in one direction to evenly illuminate the entire room. The light source direction of the headlight is usually variable, and the lighting Angle can be freely adjusted according to the need, and can emphasize key lighting.