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The magnetic lamp actually works on the principl

Release:2021/7/8  Views:188
The magnetic lamp actually works on the principle of magnetism

The connection between the magnet lamp and the guide rail is based on the magnet, which corresponds to the principle of the magnet, so that the width of the card slot can be omitted. The visible surface width of the magnetic track is less than 2cm, but the top of the magnetic track has wiring slots and magnetic stripes, so its depth is deeper than the normal track, which is basically greater than 5cm. The normal orbit is just over two centimeters thick. Therefore, the use of electromagnetic suction lamps for ground installation is not recommended. The thickness of the track is too large to be as thin as a normal track, but the depth of the ceiling, and it is recommended to embed the track more than 6 cm.

The electromagnetic spot is directly adjusted to linear light, the spot is used as the main lighting of the room, and the linear light is used as an auxiliary tool to improve the brightness of the room. The bright contrast of light and shade enhances the sense of spatial hierarchy. It can also use its flexible properties to achieve centralized lighting in local areas and improve indoor atmosphere. The difference of light and shade produced by the lighting effect will produce different visual feelings. Compared with ordinary lamp, magnetic suction lamp actually works according to the principle of magnetism. Therefore, it can be said that this is the embodiment of technological progress.

Through communication, the owners made it clear that they wanted to create a design without the main light and the integrated magnetic track light product. Therefore, we divided the room into two parts, the working area and the living and leisure room. Our idea comes from the Angle of light, which is used to improve the level of the room, while the light is used to distinguish the function of the room. The floodlight module is a basic lighting module that shapes a minimalist and enhanced visual experience. When used in combination with radiator grille modules, bright areas enhance lighting.

Electromagnetic suction lamp adopts the concept of modularity, and can be applied to a lot of electromagnetic light source modules, including downlights, spotlights, grille lights, floodlights, chandeliers and so on. You can choose your own light source and make DIY adjustments to suit the lighting needs of different rooms. It can be made to order. There is no limit to the number of lights installed on the track (theoretically, it should not exceed the power of the transformer supply. Usually, the transformer power supply exceeds 100W. . When the light is not bright enough, it relies on magnetic attraction to increase the light source. If the brightness is too high, use less light. The light source can move freely on the magnetic rail, and the light can be freely arranged according to the space needed. In addition, many magnetic light sources have adjustable angles, including magnetic emitter, square magnetic grid box, etc., which increases the degree of freedom of lighting design.