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Magnetic smart home lighting combinations can be

Release:2021/7/8  Views:160
Magnetic smart home lighting combinations can be equipped with a variety of components

Magneto Smart Home Lighting combinations can be equipped with a variety of components and provide a wide range of specifications and parameters as required. It has the advantages of small size, convenient disassembly and assembly, and flexible combination and movement. One system can accommodate a variety of DIY methods such as basic lighting, focus lighting, wall washing, etc. The need for light is a good choice for designers to outline the lines of the room. The principle of focused lighting highlights the key elements of a room's lighting, has the magical power to guide the vision and create visual effects of light and shade levels and contrast between the virtual and the real.

The magnetic suction technology can adsorb the lamp assembly to the guide rail. The lamp is easy to disassemble and assemble and can be fixed by insertion. Because the slide is operated under low pressure, the drive can be removed from the lamp body at the same time, so that the whole slide and the bulb can be made very small and delicate, very suitable for home use. Magnetic suction lamp is a lighting system that can be combined freely as needed. Typically, smart home lighting comes in four types of floodlight modules, grille formwork, headlight modules and chandelier modules.

Magnetic suction lamp structure principle is the use of magnetic force principle, there is a magnet inside, the picture and the light box through magnetic force firmly fixed. The electromagnetic lamp is actually a kind of intelligent lamp. When it is attracted to two magnetic spheres, the lamp lights up. What's more, lighting modules on electromagnetic rails are more common. It can not only install the exposed folding type spotlights, but also install the embedded track spotlights and light bars in the track, thus improving the utilization rate of the track, while avoiding the use of the normal track. The light is too strong. Simply move the electromagnetic ball down to turn off the light. Very flexible and practical.

The electromagnetic lamp can also be equipped with intelligent lighting system to meet different lighting needs. You can achieve group Settings according to your personal habits, temperature adjustable, brightness adjustable, wireless control, energy saving management, scene simulation, and you can always choose the right lighting environment and atmosphere. There are currently three ways to install track lights. They are embedded track, surface mounted track and suspended track. Smart home lighting can be installed in different types according to the structure of the house.