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The magnet rail lamp body can be pivotedly conne

Release:2021/7/8  Views:162
The magnet rail lamp body can be pivotedly connected to the power box to adjust the light Angle

A track light is a light mounted on a similar track. Lighting Angle can be set as needed. Usually used as a spotlight in areas where focus lighting is required. The traditional track lamp usually consists of the track, the power box and the lamp body. Power box and slide connector make it easy to adjust position. The magnet rail lamp body can be pivotedly connected to the power box to adjust the light Angle. It is believed that the sliding connection structure between the power box and the guide rail is also very complex, difficult to disassemble and maintain, and the cost is higher. Therefore, a magnetic connection structure is designed, that is, a magnet is installed in the power box, and an iron plate is installed on the corresponding guide rail to attract the magnet.

The entire space is bisected by a central beam, with living and leisure areas on one side and working areas on the other. As for the residential area plan, we enriched the scene of the residential area with the track line design of magnetic track lights. By controlling the double circuit switch, the effect of single magnetic control can be realized without reducing the magnetic attraction. Since the owners had to display clothes and other functions in the working area in addition to the computer office, we created a series of rectangular shapes on the magnetic rails, which not only improved the quality, but also made the space more layered and flexible with the right lights and lanterns.

Whether it's the black titanium wire embedded in the ceiling two years ago, or the current popularity of electromagnetic lights, designers have played a key role. In a simple design style, straight lines are very popular among designers, and the electromagnetic lamp just satisfies this. Electromagnetic lights connect the ceiling to the walls. It has a strong focus, freshness and designability, which makes it very popular among designers. The guide rail of the electromagnetic lamp is locked in a wooden guide groove, which is then sealed with drywall. From this perspective, the installation of electromagnetic lamps significantly increases the cost of decoration and reduces the floor height of the interior.