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The magnetic lamp can be used in a wide range of

Release:2021/7/8  Views:163
The magnetic lamp can be used in a wide range of scenarios and no auxiliary tools are required for installation

Magnetic suction lamp is a method of magnetically attaching a lamp assembly to a track by magnetic gravity. With a reliable power connection, it is easy to install and remove the bulb assembly, and suitable for routine maintenance and repair. Stable and reliable. And according to the need to flexibly adapt to different styles and numbers of track lights, and according to the need to splice onto the track. Magnetic rails can hold a variety of lamps for a wider range of applications, require no auxiliary tools to install, and can be easily pushed into any position. Implement different stitching methods. You are free to customize your own linear styles depending on the space you need.

Magnetic suction lamp To confirm the location and size of the hole in the ceiling, please select the appropriate lamp and accessories, according to the appropriate size of the hole, and reserve the drive wire and embedded magnetic rail. Then remove the rear end cover and insert the appropriate attachment to connect the two ends, connecting the rear joint and side joint attachment. If there is a corner, connect the corner connector. Then connect the power socket and screw the appropriate mounting screws. It should be noted that magnetic traces are different from ordinary traces. Transformer must be used to convert 220VAC to magnetic rail 24V, 48V. There is a danger of electric shock. Therefore, in the installation process, must be equipped with a special transformer for the electromagnetic track lamp.

The magnetic track lamp combination is very flexible and practical. It is the backbone of the bright atmosphere inside. Minimalist people love it. Simple geometric lines can outline different patterns, and high quality black contrasts with white light to give the living room an elegant and stylish look. By directly matching the magnetic spot and the linear light, the spot is used as the primary illumination of the room and the linear light is used as an auxiliary tool to enhance the brightness of the room.

Many families hope to finish the decoration without the main control lamp, and then give up because the ceiling is too tedious. All the components of the electromagnetic lamp are on the track, so there are no holes to open and no wires to hide. Using surface mounted guide rails, the design can be implemented without a ceiling without primary lighting. Track lights are generally widely used in clothing stores, jewelry stores, exhibition halls, hotels, clubs and other commercial establishments that require decorative effects and important lighting. However, they are becoming more and more popular due to their stylish appearance, full technical awareness and high degree of flexibility. The more young people like it, the more things designers use in living rooms, bedrooms, work and other living Spaces.