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The future of smart home will certainly be human

Release:2021/7/8  Views:186
The future of smart home will certainly be humanized to cater to the public aesthetic

Smart home lighting will not only exist in the form of lights or switches, but will also be connected to the home, and become a home system to provide users with a full range of comfortable environment and services. With the development of the whole smart home and smart city, as well as the development and increase of the Internet of Things, smart integrated solutions integrate various smart elements into a smart blue ocean. Today's intelligent lighting technology is developing every day and its application prospects are expanding.

Technical problems are no longer the main obstacle to the further development of smart home lighting. Compared with technical issues, magnetic track lamps should pay more attention to the needs of future smart lighting and even the whole smart home. The future of smart home will be humanized. Regardless of its technology or product, it must be "people-oriented", paying attention to people's own needs and providing people with a comfortable, safe and energy-efficient home environment that meets the expectations of most people. The future of smart home life.

Track lamp is installed in the lamp above a similar track, can adjust arbitrary illuminate Angle, use in the place that needs key illumination as shoot the lamp commonly. The traditional track lamp is generally composed of track, power box and lamp body. The power box is sliding connected with the track to facilitate the adjustment of position, and the lamp body is connected with the power box to realize the light emitting Angle adjustment.

It is considered that the sliding connection structure between the power box and the track is too complex, difficult to disassemble and maintain, and the cost is high, so the magnetic suction connection structure is designed, that is, the magnet is installed in the power box, and the corresponding rail is installed on the iron sheet and the magnet. After the magnet and the iron sheet are absorbed, the contact area increases, resulting in a surge in friction, sliding adjustment is very laborious